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Alice and Kizzie, Life's a Zoo! is a new webshow for kids! Elizabeth Alice is a teenage naturalist out to teach your kids about responsible pet ownership and about exploring wildlife. Kizzie is her best animal friend, a blue cayman hybrid iguana who's loaded with personality! It's great "edutainment" for the little ones and lots of fun!

Each webisode is short, catering to young attention spans, but packed with great information! Their lives are filled with adventure and... well... it really is a zoo! It's lots of fun for little ones and people of all ages!

Here is a Sneak Peak of what's coming up in 2013:

Most Current Episode: Alice and Kizzie In Bunnyland


Past Episodes
Alice and Kizzie: Valentine Confessions Alice and Kizzie: Guinea Pigs Alice & Kizzie's Holiday Safety Special


episode 1


Stayed tuned as "Alice and Kizzie" brings excitement while interacting with all different kinds of animals, reptiles, insects, spiders and tarantulas in each webisode! Oh yeah....and you never know what Kizzie will be up to!

Recent and Upcoming Interviews

December 19, 2012 at 5 pm CST
Elizabeth Alice will guest on Blog Talk Radio show called Herpin' Time.


Coming Soon - Date To Be Announced
Elizabeth Alice will guest on an upcoming episode of Reptile Apartment Radio.


Friday night, November 23, 2012, on Blog Talk Radio, Elizabeth (Alice) was a guest on Urban Jungles Radio. This is a pretty cool talk show, mainly about reptiles and conservation (but not suitable for young children).
"If you missed Elizabeth Alice on Urban Jungles Radio, you can
still hear her on the replay!"